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Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark

West Kirby School and College received the Dyslexia  Friendly Quality Mark in April 2024. Currently we are 1 of only 2 schools in Wirral to hold this.

This was awarded by British Dyslexia Association (BDA), after a rigorous verification process. The award was led by our Learning Support Manager Mrs Abernethy.

The Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark provides a framework for schools to improve their understanding of Dyslexia and develop the support they offer to their Dyslexic learners. The award is only issued to those schools or organisations that can demonstrate that they provide high quality educational experiences for dyslexic individuals.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • This is a School where all decisions centre around the needs of their learners

  • The Headteacher has invested time and effort in developing a staff who can deliver a ‘quality diet of provision’.

  • It is clear that the school deeply understands the importance of ensuring that all learners have a sense of belonging.

  • Teachers and support staff talked confidently about adaptations used in the classroom such as vocabulary walls; visual timetables; coloured paper and overlays; pictorial representations and oracy 21 techniques.

  • Parents and carers were united in their praise for the school's ability to identify quickly what their children needed in order to access learning, both academically and emotionally.

  • When questioned the learners mentioned the best part of the school were the adults, ‘They are almost like friends’.

  • WKS have high expectations of those pupils with dyslexia and ensure that there are no barriers to achieving great things.

  • Parents feel the school responds quickly to concerns and forms strong communication lines.

  • It’s clear that the ethos of the school is firmly rooted in a child-centred approach which always celebrates strengths and achievements.

  • The Dyslexia policy clearly outlines the key principles needed for learners with dyslexia to thrive.

  • Inclusivity and diversity are consistently celebrated.

  • Parents feel that the school has a calm welcoming environment.

  • The School Development Plan (SDP) demonstrates key priorities across the school that will support those with Dyslexia.

  • All staff receive training on Dyslexia-friendly practice

  • Teachers discussed the ‘symbiotic relationship’ they have with their TA. Reactions become instinctive and TAs are the experts in knowing what learners need.

  • The PCT (Pastoral Care Team) plays a significant role in ensuring learners feel safe and secure and ready to learn.

  • Learners mentioned safe spaces within the PCT department they can go to at break and lunch times, which reduces their anxiety.

  • The Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) team have a fundamental role in enabling learners to develop appropriate communication skills.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh programme is used to develop resilience and self-esteem.

  • Training is completed annually with specific training throughout the year on phonics and how best to support learners in the classroom.


Verifier Outcome

"This is a school where all decisions centre around the needs of its learners. Their ethos of providing a service to identify needs, optimise strengths and support pupils, is woven throughout all aspects of provision. The staff are dynamic and search for new evidence-based approaches. All staff are given opportunities to give feedback. The headteacher stated that the staff are 'unrelenting' in ensuring the rifer provision is put in place to allow all learners to thrive. They foster the rationale behind the curriculum policy that states ‘We believe… differences merit a specific approach, whereby skills can be fostered to maximum effect, rather than trying to fit the child into a ‘normative’ model of development’. Their proactive approach to identification of need, allocating the correct resources and provision, monitoring the impact of the provision and regularly reviewing it through reflective practice meetings ensures that dyslexic learners remain engaged and make progress. In light of the evidence presented as part of the verification process, I am pleased to confirm that West Kirby School and College has achieved the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark".


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West Kirby School and College, Meols Drive, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 5DH

0151 632 3201