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The Charity & Company

West Kirby School and College is operated by charity West Kirby Residential School (WKRS). It is registered with the Charity Commission under the charity number 207790. Its Company Registration is 0200018. 

Funds are driven back into nurturing the achievement of children and the charity ‘gives back’ to the local community, providing a range of training to local schools and organisations which work with children with SEND.       


Background of the charity

The charity has been established since 22 September 1962, with West Kirby School and College being registered since 1924. The organisation has been supporting children since the late 1800s. The Charity ('West Kirby Residential School') was founded and first registered on 22 September 1962, with the aim of providing education and care to children and young people with complex special needs.


Management of the charity

Charity President

Mr. Anthony Shone is President of the Charity. Anthony has lived on Wirral all his life and has been involved in a number of voluntary and charitable activities including serving as a Non-Executive Director of an NHS Hospital Trust.

Anthony has had a long relationship with the school, beginning in the mid-nineties when he led a fundraising appeal to repair the roof of the school building. Through the successful completion of this project (and rising pupil numbers), it gave the momentum for the school to become the outstanding establishment it is today. A year or two later much to Anthony's surprise but delight, he was invited to become President of the Charity, and he has served in this role ever since.


Company Directors, Members and Charity Trustees

Miss. Sian Thomas ⓉⒹ Mr. Stephen Peacock ⓂⓉⒹ  Fr. Brian Bell ⓂⓉⒹ
Mrs. Vicki Storey ⓂⓉⒹ Mrs. Deborah Gould ⓂⓉⒹ Mrs. Julie Merry ⓂⓉⒹ
Mr. Philip Deakin ⓂⓉⒹ Mrs. Annie Grady ⓉⒹ  

Ⓜ Member of the Company Limited by Guarantee

Ⓓ Director of the Company Limited by Guarantee

Ⓣ Trustee of the Charity


Charity Patrons

The Charity is delighted to be supported by:   

Mr. B Boumphrey

Mrs. J Brewster

Mr. D Brewster

Mr. M Calver

Mrs. R Calver

Mr. K O'Brien

Mrs. C O'Brien

Mr. M Potts

Mr. W M Barton

Mrs. H Corlett

Mr. M Dickinson

Mrs. R Elston

Mrs. A McAfee

Mrs. E Bateman

Mr. J Greenhalgh

Mrs. V Daglish

Mrs. A Barton

Mr. T Marshall

Mr. M Paddon

Mr. A Shone

Mrs. WE Shone

Mrs. I Wylie

Mr. J Wylie

Mrs. W Robinson

Mrs. P Earlam

Mrs. M Lumb



'West Kirby Residential School' is a charity operating in England & Wales, registered with the Charity Commission under the charity number 207790.

West Kirby School and College, Meols Drive, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 5DH

0151 632 3201