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Local poet Levi Tafari visits

Thought provoking and creative visit from local Poet Levi Tafari, joined groups throughout the school to explore diversity, inclusion and anti-bullying through creative writing and poetry.

Levi Tafari, Liverpool born performance poet, "a crucial, rhythmic, poetic, consciousness raiser and urban griot" joined us for the day in November. He shared his poetry through performance which our pupils (and staff) really enjoyed. Organised by Mrs Abernethy, Learning Support/Reading Lead, who believes the literary visitors in school is a valuable experience for our pupils. 







He worked with different year groups, introducing and challenging ideas on diversity, inclusion and anti-bullying. Our pupils worked independently and in groups to produce their own poems on their views on 'Anti-Bullying'. 

Here's some of their work we hope to be making our book of:

Bullying is many things,

One of them is wrong.

People need to stand together,

United we are strong.

Speak up for what is right,

Walk away, don’t try to fight.

That ain’t right.

Leon B and Archie W.



Bullies bully to make you feel small,

But you got to rise tall,

But not too tall,

Because you will fall,

And make someone else feel small,

And then someone else will grow too tall.

Jack B.


You must unite,

You must stand strong,

Then the bully can do no wrong. 



Being a bully is a big worry,

Always walk away.

We must unite to fight for what’s right

Be tall, not small,

All must speak up.

They think they’re strong, but they’re wrong,

They are weak in size.



The bully that is body shaming,

The victim’s thoughts they are maiming,

Creates feelings of anxiety.

Make mental health a priority.


Picking on a person’s weight,

What is the reason for this hate?

Every size and shape unite,

Let the bullies know this ain’t right.

SB group


Bullying is bad, 

it makes me mad,

Sometimes it makes people sad.


Why bully?

To be tough all the time?

They’ve usually been bullied themselves.

DP, LQ, V.Clarke


Bullying! is bad,

It never should exist,

When it comes to bullying,

We should resist.


It is a big deal,

We should tell adults how we feel,

If you bully,

It could come back to you.


Be part of many and not a few.

Michael S.


Being a bully is a really big worry,

You should really be a bit sorry,

It could always come back to you,

So be nice or else it will come,

It’s a little thing called Karma.


Big, tall and strong,

And fists like a gorilla,

Picking on those little kids,

It could change their whole lives.



Small opposed by tall,

Against fists that break brick walls,

Through bones broken, there’s a thing to know:

Strength beats strength,

But there’s always a bigger bully!

Around the corner, a bigger bully might be,

Attention! Attention! Mr Bigger Bully in da house!

Sam McH


Stand up, be strong,

Fight against what’s wrong.

Be the change, rearrange,

Stop them from acting strange.

You can change their mind,

By being kind.

Show them it’s not right,

And unite against the fight.



Aunty bullying is not good,

Aunties are often misunderstood,

Whether thrown to the mud,

Or with words that burn like wood.


  • Unknown.

Bullies shouldn’t stay in the hood,

And bully’s should be walking around,

In the wrong neighbourhood,

Bullies shouldn’t get nice things,

Until they unite in good.


Their name was shamed and blamed,

And scattered around the room,

Let’s make bully’s leave the place,

And make the good guys boom.


  • Lana M


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