All students are expected to adhere to the school uniform, selecting appropriate choices from the options below.

How to order

When placing an order please ensure you provide the size required. Cheques are payable to West Kirby Residential School not West Kirby School and College


Day Pupils

White polo shirt.

Dark grey, black trousers or skirt.

A WKS black sweatshirt (fleece lined) that can be purchased from the School Office.  

A WKS cardigan or a WKS V neck jumper (sleeveless or sleeved) that can be purchased from the School Office.  

Black shoes


Resident Pupils

Case or holdall.

3 white polo shirts.

2 pairs of grey, black trousers or skirts.

5 sets of underwear.

5 pairs of socks or tights.

2 WKS jumpers (Available form the School Office).

Suitable jacket/coat.

2 pair of black shoes.

1 pair of trainers.

2 pairs of pyjamas or nightdresses, dressing gown and slippers.

3 casual outfits for use after school.

Toiletries should include toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, flannel, deodorant all contained in a toiletry bag.

Towels are supplied by WKS, but pupils may bring their own towel if preferred.


Blue T-shirt (Available from School Office).

Outdoor trainers.

Trainers for Gymnasium (With non-marking soles).

Navy or black shorts.

Swimming costume or trunks.

A Navy or black tracksuit may be worn during the winter months


  • Please remember that clothing requirements will differ from season to season.
  • The School does not provide a laundry service, other that for emergencies.