At WKS emphasis is placed on rewards as reinforcement of good behaviour rather than on sanctions as a deterrent for poor behaviour. We believe that rewards have a motivational role, helping pupils to see that good behaviour is valued. 

Each week a young person has the opportunity to make the right choices and earn E’s as part of the reward system and gain an option (an activity of their choice) on a Friday afternoon. There are normally 10 choices on offer per week. These range from indoor low stimulus activities to quite physical activities. Some vary from week to week for example which sporting activity. Others are run as clubs for example sign language and boxing. 

At the end of the Autumn term just before Christmas we have more substantial choices for example ‘Chill Factor', 'Climbing Hanger', Ice Skating and Cinema trip. At at the end of the summer term we have a whole activity day some of the choices on offer are 'Water World', Blackpool Pleasure Beach, fishing, mountain biking and 'Manley Mere' 

Options give young people the opportunity to develop new interests which could be engaged in out of school. It allows them to experience being in different areas of the school and working with different staff who they wouldn't ordinarily work with. Options provide pupils with various opportunities to develop their social interactions and communication skills within activities of their choosing.

Please follow the schools Twitter feed @WestKirbySchool for weekly updates on option choices. Any questions you may have about options please contact Mrs D Draycott.