• Mr Iain Sim


    It has been a very daunting task to take up the privileged position of Principal at West Kirby. Gareth Williams (OBE) has left an impressive legacy of development and achievement that has been realised through the commitment and dedication of our staff. With the continued support of parents our whole team has a justifiable belief in the outcomes that can be achieved by our young people and a desire to see this develop and improve further.

    “Outstanding is a threshold not the pinnacle”

    This simple belief continues to direct our efforts and planning. West Kirby has achieved many milestones and accolades but these are not an end in themselves. They help point us in the right direction to ensure continual improvement.

    Our school takes an active part in supporting and contributing to a wide range of organisations supporting young people with specialist needs, such as National Association of Special School (NASS); Engage; National Autism Society (NAS); Autism Education Trust (AET) to mention a few. We continue to work alongside our mainstream and specialist colleagues in schools to ensure that our provision remains at the forefront of expertise. As a school we are very conscious that it takes the input of many people to ensure the success of our young people.

    I hope I am able to bring my 25 years’ experience in a range of specialist provisions to help support the continued development of WKRS. We have an important year ahead of us in regard to Ofsted and renewing other external recognition which gives us a great opportunity to review what we do. Continuing to provide an excellent and valued service is key to everything we do and we welcome help and advice from all who have a positive interest in helping us to continue to grow the provision we offer to our young people.

    Thank you