Footprints on the Map

Footprints on the map is our school project designed to make links with young people in different parts of the world.

The aims of our project are:

 *To learn about the lives of young people in other countries;

 *To find out about other cultures;

 *To show our visitors some of the best things about our own culture;

 *To make new friendships;

 *To establish lasting links with our partner schools.

Pupils from our school have visited Pienaars River School in South Africa and we have hosted a return visit by their pupils where they joined in our lessons, went on trips and had a great experience.  Through this project we learnt about each other’s lives and cultures and made new friendships.

We have also hosted a visit from young people in Ashalayam, Calcutta (

A third cultural exchange has taken place with young people from China, whereby we were again fortunate enough to visit their wonderful country and experience a whole new culture and way of life.

None of these cultural and learning experiences would have been possible without the kind support and generosity of Auger Solutions based in Wallasey.  They have agreed to continue to sponsor the contribution of Footprints on the Map allowing us to plan further trips to our present partners and look at extending these to new parties around the world.  It is our hope and intention to look at establishing links that go beyond cultural and help develop programmes which will benefit our pupils and those of our sister schools and organisations through practical projects that have an impact on young lives, for example we are presently looking at a Business Enterprise project exchanging ideas and approaches.

We are very much looking forward to working with David and his staff from Auger and are extremely thankful for their commitment which has brought such a unique and exciting dimension to the work we do at West Kirby.