Curriculum Information

Differentiated learning is central to our philosophy at West Kirby School. During your child’s placement at WKS we build a profile of their educational and clinical needs, so that educational provision and clinical input is tailored to reflect needs.

West Kirby School SCALES Curriculum

West Kirby School has developed a dynamic curriculum ‘SCALES’ which refers to the school’s unique approach to our curriculum design and delivery, aimed to support the diverse needs of children and young people.

Our SCALES curriculum refers to learning support pathways, as follows:

SC social curriculum pathway

AL academic learning pathway

ES emotional support pathway

Our pupils’ IEP (Individual Education Plan), EHCP/statement, along with an awareness of a young person’s needs, combined with assessment with involvement of our Clinical Services, makes it possible to choose the appropriate learning pathway for your child.

Each pathway has a combination of knowledge and skills developmental targets at the heart of this curriculum; relating to communication, emotion, social, relationships and sensory/motor skills. Each pathway also has an appropriate level of input from our in-house Clinical Support Services including Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Therapeutic Support Services.  

This SCALES curriculum is a response to pupils with greater degrees of complexity and higher acuity of need, going above and beyond to provide either simple curriculum modifications or a tailored individual curriculum.

Our aim is to ensure our pupil’s individual knowledge and skills needs are met so their learning is functional and meaningful.


What qualifications and Awards do West Kirby School offer? 

West Kirby School aims to offer a broad curriculum and range of qualifications to support pupils with varying needs. We continue to provide for those more academically able individual, alongside complex young people with challenging areas of needs impacting on their ability to access and learn.

Qualifications and Awards West Kirby School on offer are below. Full details of the range are here.

  • GCSE’s
  • A Levels
  • Functional Skills qualifications
  • Entry level certificates 
  • Pathways Award in Creative, Media & Performance Arts
  • Cambridge Technical ICT
  • Cambridge National ICT
  • ASDAN Vocational Awards 
  • Preparation Working for Life – Level 1 and 2
  • Open Award Skills for Further learning & Employment
  • Arts Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Life and Living Skills Award 

*These can be subject to change dependent on the cohort

In addition to our pupils’ individual learning, we offer a rounded whole school curriculum focusing on wellbeing and mental health, arts, internet safety, Duke of Edinburgh, Pupil Voice and community links and workshops.

In devising a personalised programme for pupils, teaching, support and care staff have responsibility for ensuring that work is well matched to pupils learning needs. All classes have access to a full time TA to support with the delivery of this along with a wide range of in-house professionals to provide appropriate strategies and interventions. Additional in class, or individual support, is identified and accessed through the schools Pastoral Care Team.

For residential young people the Care staff follow the guidance from school staff to ensure that they are able to support each pupils learning needs. The learning resources used within school are also available on the Residential groups thus ensuring a consistent approach to supporting the development, in all areas, of resident pupils.