Arts Award


I and my drama group went down to new Brighton to the Floral Pavilion to see Birkenhead Sixth Form College production of BORED which is all about a group of bullies who keep bullying a certain teenage girl. The show was written and acted out by The Sixth Form College Birkenhead and was supported by The Metropolitan Police who helped with it and at the end of the show the boxer Sean’ Masher ‘Dodd.

When we went to see the production of BORED put on by The Sixth Form College Birkenhead on Friday 17th February 2017 at the Floral Pavilion we saw the production of BORED and an ex-pupil of ours called Jack Hudson was in it playing a teacher and there were other pupils in the show playing a gang of mates who bullied another pupil who was playing a classmate of theirs who after being bullied for so long she commits suicide. it shows us how much bullying can be wrong so within this show we can see that in the end bullying can lead people to killing themselves or hurting themselves but it has an impact on everyone in a different way and some ways are worse than others.


By Jayden Fulton

Morgan's Review of ‘Bored’ 


On the 17th February 2017 my drama group saw the play Bored at the Floral Pavillion in New Brighton. There were other pupils from other schools who had come to see the play. Pupils from The Sixth Form College Birkenhead presented the play Bored it was a drama production demonstrating the effects of anti-social behaviour. Members of Merseyside Police were supporting the play because it showed the effects of anti-social behaviour.


In the play a girl killed herself because of some other kids were picking on her all the time. The kids were bullies who were Bored so they picked on her until she committed suicide. The kids got sent to prison. The play showed the effects their behaviour had not only on their future but also their family and friends.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the performance because the actors were terrible at acting in the play I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.