Please find our uniform information and order form below. 

* Please note: Our uniform logo has been updated to be brought in-line with the school name as WKS, West Kirby School and College. There is no requirement for pupils to use the updated jumper and sports t-shirt if they have existing uniform. If parents/carers have purchased uniform since the start of term we are happy to replace it with the new items. 


All students are expected to adhere to the school uniform, selecting appropriate choices from the options below.


West Kirby School and College Uniform

A new optional school Blazer has been introduced as uniform from September 2020 (following direct requests from some of the pupils who wanted them). We also have blue and gold plain ties, blue (years 7 - 9) and gold (years 10 and 11) which can be purchased from school at £4 (the first one is free of charge).

White polo shirt / white shirt with blazer

Dark grey, black or navy trousers/skirts

Cardigan, V neck jumper or V neck sleeveless jumper. Sizes 32" - 38" (£22 each) 

Fleece lined black sweatshirt (Child 28/30", 30/32", 32/34" £13 each and Adult XS, S, M, L £20 each)

Shoes (Black)

All items are to be clearly marked with pupil’s name.

All items with the school logo can be purchased from School Office. State size and make cheques payable to West Kirby Residential School.

If you would prefer to buy your own black jumper we can arrange for the logo to be embroidered. 

Trainers or a second pair of shoes for outdoor games at lunchtime.



Blue T.shirt (£8) To be purchased from School Office.  State size and make cheques payable to West Kirby Residential School 

Outdoor trainers

Trainers for Gymnasium (with non-marking soles)

Navy or black shorts

Swimming costume or trunks

A navy or black tracksuit may be worn during the winter months


How to order

When placing an order please ensure you provide the size required. Either cash or cheques are payable to West Kirby Residential School not West Kirby School and College.

As uniform is held in stock, staff are able to assist pupils in choosing the correct size. 


N.B.  The School does not provide a laundry service, other than for emergencies.   


Information for residential pupils

Case or holdall

3 white polo shirts

2 pairs of grey, black or navy trousers or skirts

5 sets of underwear, socks or tights

1 or 2 sweatshirts – purchased from school

Suitable jacket/coat

2 pairs of shoes – black


1 or 2 pairs of pyjamas or nightdress

Dressing gown and slippers

3 sets of casual wear                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, flannel, deodorant etc contained in a toilet bag.

2 or 3 sets of towels are supplied, but pupils may bring their own duvet covers and towel if preferred