Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT)

Four Speech and Language Therapists are employed to fulfil the legal speech and language requirements on the educational
statements and/or Education, Health and Care plan. This covers all aspects of communication.
Our role involves assessing, diagnosing and planning therapy and intervention programmes for pupils. These are carried out directly by therapists, in groups or with individuals. They are also carried out indirectly e.g. school staff implementing our targets and advice. We provide individualised Pupil Communication Profiles for each pupil giving specific advice on how to support each pupil with their communication and access the curriculum.
We provide training for school staff and external agencies.

We help the pupils access the curriculum with the level of language skills they already have, by providing strategies and advice to both the pupils and the staff working with them. For example, many of the pupils have poor auditory processing and auditory memory skills, therefore differentiating the language used and providing visual support for the pupils during lessons can help them to achieve their potential.
We also work to improve the social communication skills and “emotional literacy” of all pupils. The whole school follows specific social communication targets set out by our department each week and we also run specific social skills/emotional literacy groups within the classroom settings.

Louise Gilmartin, Lead Speech and Language Therapist