School rules and behaviour policy

Keeping us Safe at West Kirby School (WKS behaviour guide)

Desirable Behaviour

Positive outcome

Undesirable Behaviour


Being in class or session


Positive learning and gaining a Going for Gold point

Out of class or session without permission

20 minute work/resolution in lunchtime activity

Treating everyone with respect and following instructions

A calm atmosphere in school in which everyone feels safe

Swearing and not following instructions

A verbal direction




Receiving a second direction


10 minute resolution



Receiving a third direction


20 minute  resolution


Following instructions and respecting consequences


Consequence completed



Refusing to complete lunchtime  resolution


Full lunchtime resolution the next day


Respect School/Peers property


More equipment for school


Throwing objects

20 minute  resolution  at lunchtime



Throwing objects at others


20 minute  resolution  and a phone call home

Peers interacting with others in a positive way

Friends made and positive interaction 



Full lunchtime resolution and a phone call home

A nice calm and safe school


Positive learning and interaction


Bullying (1st instance)


20 minute  resolution and debrief



Continued bullying

Full lunchtime resolution and anti-bullying programme

Respecting the school building and surrounding grounds

A nicer looking school and more money to spend on the school

Damaging the school or the school grounds

Consequence and request for a donation

Positive interaction with staff

More learning and positive relationships with staff.

Assaulting staff including spitting


Reflection time or exclusion and possible police intervention

Staying in the school grounds

Pupils are safe and learning


Leaving the school without permission

Phone call home/police called after 20 minutes

Note:    The ‘Going for Gold’ system will be delivered in relation to all areas of ‘Keeping Us Safe at West Kirby School’
Mobile Technology (smart-phones and Tablets)
Technology can be a valuable source of information, when used appropriately. However, in the media and from recent reports by the government we have seen evidence of the negative effects associated with modern technologies. These have included; distraction or ‘Safeguarding’ issues such as Cyber-bullying and grooming, with the particular problem occurring via the use of mobile phones and tablets.
At  West Kirby School we have the following rules:
All phones handed in at registration in the morning to form tutor or teaching assistant
All phones handed back to pupils at the end of the day at registration
Pupils in KS4 can work towards having the phone for use in the activity part of lunchtimes. The aim of this is also to help the transition to post 16/college