Safer Internet Day in WKS

9th February 2018

Pupils across the school have been really engaged in lots of interesting activities and discussions with their classes around 'Safer Internet Day'. 
Our Speech and Language team have delivered Safer Internet messages through Skills for Life and the speech and language lessons, thinking about how communication is different online and understanding how emojis are used to express and interpret feelings. Also thinking about how being online can create positive or negative emotions from different activities.
One class did a brainstorming activity around using the internet and how this differs for adults and children in terms of gaming, food shopping and online banking etc and how we need to be safe using the internet for all these activities. 
Our older students have done various write ups after watching a docu drama 'Cyberbully' and analysed our Pupils e-safety leaflet, making recommendations for change. 
We've used the day highlight Safer Internet use and how it's important all year round. Well done everybody!