Pupil Voice

We value all of our pupils and as an Autism Accredited school we feel it is important to understand and support our pupils. We therefore hold Pupil Voice meetings which aim to proactively involve pupils in school developments and decisions which may impact on their school life and learning.

Pupil Voice involves one pupil who volunteers from each form group (not voted in) who acts as a representative in the meeting, gathering ideas from their class and then feeding back. Primary, secondary and Post 16 pupils are all involved. Meetings are held once every half term. To specifically understand and meet the needs of our Autistic pupils, there is a good representative of members of the group who have a diagnosis of ASC. Meetings are organised and facilitated by staff from different departments across the school.

Although meetings are kept quite informal, we usually have an agenda to help focus relevant discussions and record outcomes. We encourage skills such as listening to each other; taking turns; being relevant; compromise and tolerating others. All members are given the opportunity and support to contribute.

We meet to discuss different aspects of teaching and learning and how this impacts on pupils who are on the Autistic Spectrum. We also discuss other important aspects of school e.g. social issues. Many topics that we have discussed so far have resulted in positive changes and developments around school.  Here are some examples of what we have discussed:

What Pupil Voice talked about:

What has been done about it?

Assembly is too long

A clock has been put up in the hall so staff are more aware of what time it is.
Staff have been reminded to finish assembly promptly at 9.15am

Lunch time club ideas

There is a lunch time club timetable with activities offer every day for both 12.15 and 1pm lunch times

New playground ideas

The new playground was opened with equipment chosen by pupils

Dining room pictures don’t display what is on the menu

In one dining room the old displays have been removed and the room has been repainted

We value the ideas, opinions and perspectives of all of our pupils. We aim to make our pupils feel listened to, understood, and valued as members of the school community. If you are interested in joining Pupil Voice or would like to find out more, please contact Mrs Wynne.