Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care and Support are central to any school setting and the responsibility of all staff working at WKS. The Pastoral Care and Support Team enhances our provision to address aspects that have a wider impact on a young person’s overall access to education and their well-being as an individual. In making every effort to understand, respect and relate to how a young person sees and interacts with their world the Pastoral Care Team (PCT) underpins access to education and the development of communication strategies. 

Crucial to Pastoral Care is the staff’s personal attributes of calmness, predictability, good humour, empathy and an analytical thinking. Behaviour is a form of communication and it is key to achievement that the young people at WKS can identify, determine and control their own behaviours to help improve their communication skills and independence.

The power of collaborative working to enhance teaching and learning cannot be underestimated.  The forging of strong links with parents and a range of professionals both internally and appropriate external agencies is vital, and key to the important sharing of information which then informs our day to day practice. The PCT is central to facilitating this collaboration and co-ordinating support for the young people.