Parent feedback

7th May 2020

Keeping good contact with parents, carers and pupils is really important to us and we'd like to share some of the feedback we've received...  
"A has had a phone call from Ms Thompson, and he’s really pleased he’s gained 9 raffle tickets for all his completed work. Lots of fun here this week. Also thank you for all the support from staff to us parents."  
Thank you  Archie & Kathy (Mum).  
"And we will be on the virtual assembly on Friday, Archie’s looking forward to it." 
"Online lessons has made it easier coping from not being in school. And being able to talk, email and chat on google meet has been a big help." Pupil 
"Dear wkrs, My son really enjoys watching the celebration assembly every Friday. It keeps him connected to his teachers, classmates and the certificates keep him motivated. School is making a lot of effort to educationally and emotionally support parents and students alike. A is very proud of his school and it is helping him during the stressful period of social isolation. Thank you Kind regards. " Parents to A