Our provision

Our residential provision provides for those young people moving from a more dependent to independent way of living. The setting comprises of up to 5 beds, 4 designated to full time residents with the fifth operated for part-time overnight placements.
The staffing is high and reflects the needs of our individuals, dependent on their care plan. 
Our off-site provision allows for a more independent approach to a social care living environment, naturalising - as far as possible - the experience of residential placement to that of a natural home setting. 

Our approach 

In our houses we try to create opportunities to help young people develop and build on their social and independent life skills. Every child matters here and we want every young person to enjoy their time with us.

Young people are encouraged to interact positively and to take responsibility for their own behaviour and environment. Emphasis is placed on individuals learning to show consideration towards others and to develop a more mature outlook in preparation for life ahead.

An environment of mutual trust, respect, tolerance and understanding of others is continually encouraged. This leads to each young person improving their self-confidence and self esteem.


Young people are encouraged to take part in a range of leisure activities as part of a healthy lifestyle. 
Our Statement of Purpose below has more information regards our aims and objectives, keyworkers, care plans, staffing, links with education, communication and health care.