Introduction to WKS Clinical & Support Services

West Kirby School and College has an on-site Clinical Services team, including Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Therapeutic Support Services.
Our Occupational Therapy team support our pupils' sensory needs and emotional regulation. They provide individual assessments and develop personalised support plans for sensory motor skills, with the aim of developing skills progression; delivered school wide and through direct 1:1 sessions in our OT suite. Our Occupational Therapy suite, opened in 2018, allows our young people to address sensory, motor and proprioceptive skills on-site as a foundation to their learning. 
Our Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) team offers a range of assessment and therapy interventions, strategies, training and advice. This is all provided through highly individualised programmes and resources, according to need. SaLT is delivered by our Therapists as 1:1 sessions, small group and whole class sessions.
The Therapeutic Support Services team have specialist training in Trauma and Attachment difficulties. They support and help our young people develop emotional regulation and well-being through specific programmes and interventions. 
In addition to this our Education team provides additional Support Services through our SENCo Mrs Sarah Wilkinson, Home School Liaison, Pastoral Care Team, Reading Mentor, Learning Support Mentor, Transitions Officer, Medical team and PRICE.
All Clinical and Support Services, integrated within the school and across our Residential Care department, consistently embed therapeutic interventions throughout the curriculum. In addition to being part of a pupils individualised support plan, pupils are supported when necessary through an internal referral system to Clinical and Support Services.