Graffiti art project

10th April 2018

Art students love street art project
Art GCSE & A-Level students loved being involved with the street art workshop ‘Space for Hope’, run by ‘The Guardian’ together with local business ‘Zap Graffiti’, who regularly deliver workshops in the school. 
Students created their own slogan ‘There is no normal’ and developed the artwork over 2 days, learning graffiti techniques. 
Student feedback......
“I enjoyed working as part of a team as it was funny and  I learnt how to spray paint.”  Conor

"I don’t normally work with spray paint but I like the abstract nature of graffiti art and how the simple practice of expressing a message on a wall making it look 3d.”  Artur

To read more about The Guardian's 'Space for Hope' campaign click here. And here's the artwork that kickstarted the campaign, created by Global Street Art agency