Enterprise week!

2nd July 2018

This term we had a brilliant Enterpise Week and our very own Market!


Following the successes of Post 16’s Enterprise initiatives over the past 2 years an ideal has slowly spread throughout the school, other pupils have asked and began their own small enterprise projects, from LT’s Café to LH’s Mint Tea delivery service.  


When Mr Saunders began to develop Enterprise in school one of the desired outcomes was that the vision was shared across the whole school.  This term saw the culmination of these efforts in our whole school Enterprise market.  


For one week in school each class came off timetable in order to develop a small business idea that they could sell at the school market.  With a £30 investment for each class and just a week to achieve it. Our Enterprise teams raised nearly £1000 within the week! What a result!


it is evident that we have a number of entrepreneurs who have definitely got what it takes to run a small business!