Deputy Head

Mr Peter Smith

Deputy Head - Behaviour and attitudes

As Deputy Head at WKS I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity of working alongside many incredible people over the years; pupils, staff, governors, directors, parents, carers and other partners and stakeholders. This has enabled a collective, collaborative approach to supporting each other and has embedded an ethos of mutual respect and belief in the best outcomes for the pupils.

As Behaviour and Attitudes Lead across the school my role is particularly to support young people to prepare for their time beyond the school, into independence and employment or training. This includes overseeing the attendance of pupils, working closely with the PCT (Pastoral Care Team) to analyse data and secure positive interventions for pupils at all stages in their school life. We have a dedicated staff team who are passionate about seeking the reasons beyond the challenges of behaviour and finding solutions for success. Our policies on Behaviour promote an ethos of resolution and reparation, and all the school rules (Keeping Us Safe at West Kirby) and behaviour policy have been passed by the Pupil Voice team before publishing.

As a member of the Senior Leadership Team it has been a privilege to have worked alongside three Principals, who although different in their approach, have all maintained a high level of quality of education and care for our pupils. I look forward to the next stage in the long and prosperous life of West Kirby School and invite you all to keep up to date with developments as we move into a new decade.