School Council Latest

Our school council meets once a month on a Wednesday. We discuss matters concerned with improving our school life. There are two representatives from each class who get voted in, in September and stay on the school council for a year. There are four jobs in the school council, as well as being a representative. These are: Chairperson-; Vice Chairperson-; Secretary and Treasurer.

So far, we have introduced water machines around school, better lunch choices and a different uniform for post 16.

We recently went to London to visit the Houses of Parliament. We watched the proceedings in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and saw how democracy works, a bit like our school council.

What we have achieved so far as a result of representatives’ ideas and suggestions:

Water machines around school.

Separate uniform for Post 16.

Annual trip to the Houses of Parliament.

M.U.G.A. (Multi-Use Games Area.)

Link Bridge.

Friday option choices.

Healthy eating lunch choices.

Ideas for a new uniform.

Ideas for a new badge for our recent Specialist School Status.

To be present at interviews for prospective employees.