ADHD Friendly schools award

We were proud to receive our ADHD Friendly School Award at the ADHD Foundation’s annual conference in Liverpool in October. We’re one of only five schools in Wirral to receive the award for championing and understanding ADHD.

The charity’s national training director Colin Foley, who presented the award, said “West Kirby School achieve outstanding academic outcomes with highly gifted intelligent children. They also provide highly individualised and very therapeutic provision for children with very complex needs.”

Tony Lloyd, CEO, ADHD Foundation commented "This school is outstanding in it's work to enable children who struggle in mainstream education to achieve their potential." 

Liz Wynne, Assistant Head at the school, said: “I’m thrilled that staff have recognition for their hard work and dedication to the pupils at West Kirby School.”

West Kirby School Neurodiversity Umbrella installation
In June 2019 West Kirby School partnered with ADHD Foundation and had their own eye catching Umbrella Project to celebrate neurodiversity, pupils decorating each umbrella with talents and skills.
The students wrote powerful messages such as 'We are unique", "I'm proud to be different it's the best thing about me" and "Not every disability is visible."
Tony Lloyd kindly joined pupils for their Celebration Assembly, delivering an inspiring talk and then moved outside for the launch of our installation.