Post 16

Post 16 Provision

To provide an educational and enriching experience to enable students to develop socially, emotionally and academically in preparation for the next phase of their lives.

The Post 16 students are based in a customised area consisting of kitchen facilities, lounge and well equipped classroom area designed to encourage independent study and moving towards independence.
All students study a core curriculum including;

Physical Education
Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education
Information and Communication Technology

The remainder of a students timetable is individually tailored to meet their development needs. This can comprise of:

Study for GCSE subjects (including re-sits)
AS/A2 Level subjects
Vocational Studies
Life Skills Work

All students have the opportunity to access college courses, either local to West Kirby Residential School or local to home as part of a transition programme for year 13 studies. Courses that are accessed are dependent upon student preference and availability.
Work Experience
Students are provided with the opportunity to carry out work experience which is very carefully planned with experienced employers.
Other Opportunities
The Post 16 experience is about development in all areas and students are encouraged to develop themselves as fully as possible. Therefore students are offered the opportunity to hold responsibilities within the main body of the school, become independent travellers, cater and budget for themselves and take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.
Part of the Post 16 programme is about planning for the future and all students receive regular guidance and support from West Kirby Residential School’s Careers Co-ordinator and the Connexions Service.