Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Inspection


The latest 2016 school inspection report said the "school continues to be Outstanding". This is the 4th inspection where the school has been judged as Outstanding. Our Ofsted Care Inspections, which take place annually, have also been Outstanding.

Here's some comments from our 2016 Ofsted report we're proud of:

"The school continues to be outstanding"

"The collective vision and drive to provide a school which meets pupils' holistic needs results in pupils' exceptional progress.. are prepared well for their life beyond school"

"Parents said of staff 'They show real understanding and value each child as an individual'

"One parent reported that her son'is recognised for the person he is, not what teachers want him to be'. Consequently, pupils progress rapidly, often from extremely low starting points and being unable to access learning when they join school, to the achievement of higher grades in academic and vocational subjects."

"The behaviour of pupils, undoubtedly, remains a strength of the school. Pupils who join the school respond to strong role models of other well behaved pupils. As a result, they begin quickly to develop their own strategies to regulate their emotions and behaviours."

"The school's record show that bullying is almost non-existent. Pupils spoken to said that they could not recall an incident of bullying."

"Pupils benefit immensely from the broad range of therapy and additional support services provided by the school. Highly focused support packages, in the form of precise interventions with pupils or training for staff in how to support pupils' specific needs, are integrated into the day-to-day routine at West Kirby. As a result, pupil's self-confidence and self-esteem flourish because they are given the skills to overcome their own very specific difficulties."

"The the time learners leave the school's Sixth Form, they are well on the way to becoming well-rounded young adults capable of making a significant contribution to society."


Following a full Ofsted school inspection, January 2013 and the report judged WKS to be 'Outstanding in all areas'. They said:

"The school continues to provide an excellent education...senior staff have not rested on their laurels. They continue to drive forward improvements...."

Praising the high level of outstanding teaching the inspectors said, "The achievements of the pupils are excellent... because of the consistently high quality teaching and care they receive."

The five areas judged to be outstanding are: achievement of pupils; quality of teaching; behaviour and safety of pupils; leadership and management and overall effectiveness.



Our 2017 Residential Care inspection report was judged as 'Good' with 'Outstanding Features'. Here's a few comments we're proud of:

"The leadership and management of the residential provision are sound. As a result, the residence is an intrinsic part of the school."

"Parent and Carers are supportive of the setting and said that, as a result of their child's stay, 'they now have their child back'. They are happier and better able to manage challenging situations.  

"The school is well led and managed by the Principal, who is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all young people, regardless of their starting points."

"Young people engage better with education because of their stay. School data demonstrates that residential pupils are achieving 100% in their targets in a number of subjects in school."

Young people thoroughly enjoy spending time with their friends in residence and on trips in the community. They take part in an extensive range of activities that incorporate their individual needs, preferences and interests."

"Parents talked about the changes that their child's attendance have brought about for them 'She loves school and going out with us. She is now able to engage in all of her classes, because they understand her sensory issues and are continually addressing these.' Another parent said 'The decision to send their child here was huge and not what we wanted. However this has been 'massive' for us. His anxieties have greatly reduced, meaning that we can go out as a family. he is much happier and he now has friends."

The quality of the care and support is 'Outstanding'

"The interaction between school and care staff is seamless. Care staff said 'We are not care staff and school staff; we are one staff team, and we all work together to support the young people."

"Supporting young people's independence is at the heart of everything the staff do. Consequently, all young people are making excellent progress across all areas of their development."


Following a Residential Care inspection in March 2015, West Kirby School was judged “Good” with “Outstanding Features”.

The report stated “Residential pupils significantly improve their self-esteem and confidence because of their residential experience...  They live in a caring social community where they develop trust in each other… Pupils enjoy their time in the residential unit and feel comfortable in the safe surroundings of the wider school. They show an exceptional improvement in independence and self-esteem, according to their starting points. ”

With regard to the care provided to residential pupil’s, Ofsted comment “The care provided to the residential pupils is of an exceptionally high standard. Pupils have access to an experienced and very stable team of care staff who know them very well. The staff are responsible for the pastoral care of the pupils. This means that the pupils are able to share their personal thoughts and any concerns at any time. They say that staff always listen to them. Care staff demonstrate a positive enthusiasm for their work… They are very active in supporting the residential pupils to enjoy life at the school”