Integrated with our school, West Kirby School and College offers 38 week and flexible residential provision across a small number of settings, for children and young people from age 5 to 19.  We specialise in making provision for children and young people with complex communication difficulties, this is seen through Autistic Spectrum needs, Language difficulties and Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.
Small homely environments, on and off site, allow our young people to feel safe, while developing their life, social and communication skills.
At West Kirby School we strongly believe that, in order to support a young person in achieving their full potential, we must treat each as an individual and provide an holistic approach to meeting their needs. 
All the departments within West Kirby School work closely to provide a bespoke package for each pupil, addressing their social, emotional, educational and communication needs and supporting their physical, cultural and moral development. The Residential Care Department play an integral role within this. Care staff support all of our pupils throughout the school day, and provide a supportive and structured environment during lunchtime. Pupils are encouraged to develop social skills and interests during the lunchtime period, in small groups staffed by Child Care and Education support staff.
The ethos of the school carries on into the residential groups, with the individual support plans and strategies being echoed on the residential side of school life. Each of our four residential groups offer a range of activities over the week, aimed at developing social skills, encouraging friendships, supporting independence and reinforcing their “formal” education through practical implementations.
Through the seamless approach from education to care we are able to enhance the learning of the individual by incorporating it into the 24 hour curriculum. This enables West Kirby School to support the development of the young people across all areas.
Read more about our Residential Care provision and our approach in our Statement of Purpose below: